CNG for your car

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CNG (compressed natural gas) is very cheap in Egypt. One cubic meter costs only LE 0.45 (in USD: about 8 cents)! which is way cheaper than gazoline at LE 1.75 per liter (octane 90). Plus, a meter of gas makes more kilometers (mileage) for the car, about double actually. Driving from Cairo to Alexandria, Egypt (200km) costs LE 5 in gas, compared to LE 35 in gasoline, that’s 7 times cheaper!I recommend that everyone should convert their cars to use CNG. It costs about LE 4800 (about $900) to add the dual system, where you can switch anytime between gas and gasoline.

In Egypt, there are currently 140 gas stations, and the number is growing. When adding the system, they ask you to choose the size of the cylinder. There are size 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90. I chose size 60. Larger sizes allows you more miliage, but is heavier weight for the car, and also occupies more space in your car’s luggage compartment. Size 60 allows you to take 11 cubic meters of gas. That takes you from 130 to 200 km, depending on whether you’re driving in downtown or in a highway. It also depends on the gas pressure used in different gas stations. Some stations seem to give highler compressed gas than others.

Driving with gas is fine, but you will not be able to make fast acceleration like you do with gasoline. If you do, the car would get stuck and slows down instead. Acceleration must be done slowly and gradualy.

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