iii.832823.cn web attack script

آخر تحديث : 17-09-2009 الساعة 07:24 ص

Today, everytime I login to my web sites, my browser freezes after a few seconds. I discovered that a site at iii.832823.cn is somehow sending web surfers a script that delays loading web pages forever. I had to restart my computer several times. Then finally I found a solution

The solution is simply ‘Adblock Plus’ a Firefox extension (that is, if you’re using Firefox browser). Once activated, it will catch that script and never allows it to work on any pages you’re browsing.

If you are still an IE user, may God help you!
Its probably time for you to switch to Firefox.

How to get rid of iii.832823.cn
Click at the Adblock icon, located at your Firefox toolbar, or the status bar. The Adblock preferences will open, showing you the currently activated filters. Click ‘Add Filter’ button, at the lower left side, and type:
Then press ‘Enter’ in your keyboard.
Now reload the page, and the tens of frames, scripts and js’s that were freezing your browser will be caught and blocked. Now you can browse the web smooth and fast like you used to.
Download Adblock extension from here.

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