Fixing Firefox after installing megaupload toolbar

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Don’t install megaupload toolbar, its loaded with evil stuff. It will force your firefox browser’s to use yahoo instead of google, and will load weird pages full of ad links, even when you try to have a new empty bowser page. But if you have already installed megaupload toolbar, here is a quick and easy fix to get your firefox back like it was before ..

First, go to Control Panel (Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs) and uninstall megaupload toolbar.

Then, in Firefox menu bar, click: Tools > add-ons
select ‘Megaupload Toolbar’ and uninstall it. Then restart Firefox.

Now open your Firefox browser, and, in the address bar, type:
In the filter, type:
There are 17 entries that the evil megaupload toolbar added behind your back. If you find any of them, double click each line to delete its value or change it from true to false. Then Right-click each line again, and select ‘Reset’.

Most probably yahoo also hijacked your address toolbar in the process. When you type some keywords in the address bar, google used to handle it and take you to the nearest website that matches your keywords. But now your address bar directs you to yahoo instead! To reverse this evil doing, follow these simple steps:

In a new browser page, type:


and in the filter bar, type:


Double click the line that will show up to change its value from yahoo to google, by pasting the following as the new value:

That’s it. Your firefox is now clean again.

Happy browsing. One word of advice: next time you are offered to install a toolbar, think very carefully. These days everyone seem to turn so evil, and yahoo seems to have lost it, paying cash to whoever forces its services upon us. Shame on you yahoo!.

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