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عندى ليك مفاجأة النهاردة اضغط هنا عشان تشوفها (مفاجأة جديدة كل يوم)

Downloading mp3 used to be illegal. Now several websites are offering legit high quality mp3 downloads. The idea is that they charge you pr song download. I found one that charges only 10¢ per song, so you can download a complete album for around $1.40

Here’s where to find some of these websites..

One website that has a large collection and good sound quality, is mp3search. Its a Russian website. Each and every song has a 30 second sample next to it, where you can click and listen, to try before you order. If you don’t plan to order, you can still have fun sampling around. They have an awesome large collection, both new and old.

These websites pay a percentage to the song copyright owners, which is a nice new policy, ending the once dominating mp3 piracy. Of course people still have Warez and other file sharing p2p clients to grab’em all for free. But thats another story…

لو الموضوع نال اعجابك اضغط هنا لدعم الكاتب (جزاكم الله خيراً)

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