BitComet: 0.70 is the only stable version to date

آخر تحديث : 17-09-2009 الساعة 07:25 ص

If you use BitComet or exchange torrents, be warned: version 0.70 is the only stable release to date. I’ve been upgrading everytime they offer a new version, up to 0.79. But I was wrong to do so. All the versions newer to 0.70 are not stable. They cannot resume downloads automatically when you reboot your computer. Only 0.70 can do so. So don’t be fooled by the way they title their releases as ‘Official’. Stick to 0.70 (and turn off the notification of new releases from the preferences), and you’ll be fine.

To download BitComet 0.70, (with no installation needed) click here 


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