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عندى ليك مفاجأة النهاردة اضغط هنا عشان تشوفها (مفاجأة جديدة كل يوم)

I used to have EvilLyrics to display lyrics of songs while being played. But the problem was that it displays the lyrics in its own, separate window. “Lyrics Plugin” can display lyrics inside your Windows media player, or as a standard winamp window. Whatever song you’re listening to, be it in your hard disk, or streaming from a web radio, this plugin fetches the lyrics and displays it for you automatically, without you having to do anything. If you like to save the lyrics so that they display offline, you need to use EvilLyrics instead. EvilLyrics has so many features. But if you prefer a straight forward, simple and fast display of lyrics, try ‘Lyrics Plugin’.

اضغط هنا

If you like Winamp’s ShoutRadio stations, like I do, with the 1000’s of free music stations, you’ll find that  ‘Lyrics Plugin’, is a perfect companion.
Download ‘Lyrics Plugin’ from here

لو الموضوع نال اعجابك اضغط هنا لدعم الكاتب (جزاكم الله خيراً)

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