How to use VirtualDub to replace your movie’s audio track

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We’ve discussed earlier how to fix the sound problem in Canon and other digital cameras, where the mic is designed too close to the camera’s moving parts, and the mic is so sensitive that it picks the mechanical noise all the time during shooting your movies.
Now let’s see how to replace the original audio track of our movie, with the track we fixed with Goldwave.
I use VirtualDub to do this. Its an open source, excellent freeware tool for capturing, editing and compressing video files. Here are the steps to make:

1- Start VirtualDub (get your free copy from here)
2- In your keyboard, press: Ctrl+O to open your video file
3- From the text menu, select: Audio > WAV Audio…
Browse to the fixed audio track (the wav file you saved with Goldwave)
4- (Optional) if you want to compress the video file, now is the time to do it. VirtualDub enables you to compress to any of several compression formats, like Divx, Xvid and many others. To do so, in your keyboard, press: Ctrl+P , then select your preferred compression and click Ok.
5- In your keyboard, press the F7 key to save the video file. If you selected to compress the file, the compression process will begin now.

Now you have your movie, with the audio track replaced with the noise-free version.


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