why lebanon doesn’t have air defense system?

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In modern wars, air power is maily used to destry everything. In Lebanon, the israeli are causing huge damage, killing civilian women and children, demolishing buildings and burrying innocent people alive.

The more I follow the news, the more frustrated one gets.. with a question that I cannot find an answer for: why lebanon doesn’t have air defense system? if it did, no israeli planes would dare to come into the lebanese sky. I think the Lebanese government and leaders should be held responsible for this. 24 years ago, the israelis invaded and occupied southern Lebanon, yet, the Lebanese didn’t learn the lesson: any country that doesn’t have a new and updated air defense system could anytime be a very easy target, and what the israelis are doing now, mass killing civilians in a brutal inhumane way, could be repeated with any other country that is not wquipped with enough air defense system.

To my knowledge, there was no sanctions imposed by the UN or US on the lebanese to arm themselves, yet, we hardly ever hear anything about a ‘lebanese army’! its a bitter joke, to watch a defenseless country, with no air power, no air defense system, nothing! being crushed like a biscuit by the israelis, so what do we expect? It’s as if Lebanon was ‘inviting’ others to destroy it! I think its leaders have commited a crime against its people, equal to the crime against humanity that the israeli gang is commiting against the Lebanese and Palestinean people everyday.

This bitter joke can be repeated any day with other countries in the region, as long as these countries doesn’t posses enough air defense power against the F16 and other US death machines.


  1. Hi, I am also from Libnan.
    It would be great if Libnan had its own air defense system, but that is very pricey!

    How many planes would they have to be efficient?
    Keep in mind that only a couple would not be enough and would be struck down rather fast, whether when they are flying or when they are parked.
    It is like a bee hive, if you see a couple bees in a bee hive, you can attack them before they multiply, but if there are enough planes, then the air force will be big enough to make you pay greatly for attacking their planes.

    So how many planes would be needed to be able to not only defend the sky, but also themselves?
    Let’s say….15 planes (let’s say SU-37 since Israel will probably getting the F22).
    15 planes X $40,000,000 = 600,000,000 = .6 billion.
    That is just the amount to pay for the planes, add fuel, training of pilots, maintenance, etc, all for only 15 planes.
    Air forces for countries that have the size, the luxury, and the wealth to do so.

    Lebanon does not even have modern tanks, if I remember correctly.

    And if they did have a great aif force, Hezbollah is embedded into the government, so who knows what will happen when you have the influence of those terrorists (keep in mind that Hezbollah is backed by Syria and Iran).

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