six-meal diet

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Here is a nice healthy diet, that I’ve tried and found great.
You lose weight, while eating healthy food, and without starving yourself like in other diets.

The idea behind eating 6 meals per day is that before you feel hungry the time comes for your next meal, so you will find yourself eating less than you used to. Dividing your food intake over several meals during the day helps your body consume the food and turn it into energy, instead of being saved inside your body and turning it into fat.

Here are the six meals. Start your first meal in the morning, and your last meal before bed time, and the meals in between every 3 hours, more or less:

Meal 1
fresh fruits, any kind, mixed variety allowed.
Meal 2
low-fat cottage cheese
2 boiled eggs
mixed green salad (suggestion: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, lettuce, other green leaves, etc.)
3 sliced brown bread (diet bread)
Meal 3
1/4 chicken, skinned, boiled/grilled or 1 grilled fish
sauteed vegetables (boiled or steamed)
Meal 4
3 cups non-fat yogurt. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to each.
Meal 5
beans (foul medames, or any other type of beans) (no oil added)
green salad
Meal 6
mixed low-calory fresh fruits (for example: avoid bananas, grapes and dates)

If you also walk at least 1/2 or 1 hour daily, or do any other sporting activity, this diet can give you excellent results. I’ve lost 13kg (28 pounds) in 2 months. The diet is easy to follow because it doesn’t leave you starved. You can continue following that diet as much as you need to.

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