The easiest way to create-manage multiple blogs: WP-Hive

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If you have more than one blog, then you know how difficult it is to manage them and keep each one of them up to date. Each time a new wordpress release appears, you have to update each blog separately. And you have to install your favorite plugins in each of them, and update them each, and the same for themes. I spent years in those troubles. But then I found the amazing WP-Hive plugin, and it turned out to be the easiest, simplest and ultimate solution for me and for all those who run, or intend in the future to run multiple blogs/sites. It makes your life much easier in many ways:
1- You can build any number of new blogs from a single wordpress installation. If you have a WordPress blog, that’s the only blog you’ll ever have to install!
2- All your currently installed plugins is automatically available in all your new blogs. You have the advantage of activating/deactivating any plugin in each blog separately.
3- All your currently installed themes are automatically available in all your new blogs. You have the advantage of activating a different theme in each blog separately, or use the same them for more that one blog.
4- installing new plugins and themes in any blog makes them available to all your blogs, ready for you to activate them if you wish in each blog.
5- When upgrading WordPress, plugins or themes in one blog, all other blogs gets updated too.
5- child themes are supported
6- If you edit a them, all blogs that use that theme will be affected. If you want the change in just one blog, use a child theme instead of editing the mother theme.
7- google treats all your blogs separately.
8- new blogs can be in different domains, subdomains or even directories. Wildcard domains and subdomains are also supported
9- compatible with all future WordPress upgrades
10- easiest installation ever. Its just a simple plugin. You can install it automatically from within your mother blog itself.
11- WP-Hive have a good forum support, in case you have any questions or needed any help (though you’ll hardly need any, its as simple as 123).
12- each blog has its own admin control panel. You can create free blogs for all your family members and trusted friends. Each will have their own login password, admin panel and all. Just remind them that although they can activate, deactivate any plugin or theme, and add new plugins and themes as they wish, they must not delete or edit any plugin or theme, because that will affect everyone else.

Installation Instructions:

1. If you don’t have a WordPress blog yet, setup your first blog according to WP standard instructions.
2. Download WP-Hive, then install it from within your blog, by going to: Admin > Plugins arrow > Add new > Upload
3. Activate the WP Hive plugin from the Plugins menu
4. To add a new blog, go to WP Admin > WP Hive > Add new and add any blog you want.
5. Run the WP Install for the new site by clicking “Install Site”.

If you want to give your new blog a new subdomain of its own, you must first create that subdomain from your hosting account’s control panel, then change the document root of that subdomain. If you want to give your new blog a domain of its own, then point that domain to the directory of your original WordPress blog. Subdirectory sites can be added at will, without making any changes to the Webserver.
Installation Instructions for the older version (0.42):

1. Setup your first ‘home’ blog according to WP standard instructions.
2. Upload the wp-hive folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Copy or move db.php to the /wp-content/ directory.
4. Load the homepage of the first blog – this sets up the hive and the first site.
5. Use your Webserver Administration (Cpanel, IIS, etc..) to point any domains you want to use in the hive to the WordPress directory.
6. Run the installation script on the site you added in step 5.
7. Activate the ‘WP Hive’ plugin on the new site.
8. Steps 5, 6 and 7 can be repeated any time to add more blogs to the hive.

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