2٬110 تعليقات

  1. my opinion maybe sounds weird, but why do you all write so serious comments? I mean, do you REALLY think it’s true? Why? What makes you think so? Please share your opinion.

  2. I’m a person, who knows what she wants. I’m not the one who has a lot of free time to write comments here and discuss stupid and silly news, like you do. It’s so funny that you all take it seriously, start thinking about it and so on. I would never spend my time on such stupidity. I just want to say that there’s a real word, where you can spread rumors and argue. Why are you doing this online? You look so funny!

  3. I prefer reading this kind of information when I’m alone in the room, so no one would see an expression on my face. It’s disgusting! I don’t believe a single grose word about it!

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