EvilLyrics: song lyrics on the fly

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If you’re a fan of internet radio, you’ll find this plugin very useful. It displays the lyrics of almost any song you’re listening to.

This plugin can be used with any of the following players:

  • Winamp 2/5
  • Windows Media Player
  • RealPlayer
  • iTunes
  • MusicMatch
  • Foobar2000
  • MediaMonkey
  • Quintessential Player
  • AlbumPlayer
  • XMPlayer
  • Yahoo! Music Engine
  • I’ve tried many lyrics plugins, they all expect you to do stuff to find what you want. But EvilLyrics, simply put, works like a charm, without you having to do anything!. It doesn’t work out of some outdated database, like many other plugins do. Instead, it uses google to instantly search for whatever you’re listening to, be it a song from online radio, shoutcast, local song file, CD, whatever. If the lyrics is anywhere in the web, it will fetch it for you. It also saves all lyrics in a folder you select, for later use.

    The only case in which you might use your mouse, is when sometimes the result is not lyrics, but rather some info or review or something. In that case, you just click the green arrow on top left, to see next result. But that doesn’t happen often. It also has several very powerful features that you can customize:
    – you can lock/unlock lyrics
    – print lyrics
    – view lyrics for a whole album
    – view all songs by current artist
    – post current lyrics to your blog!
    – use its karaoke recording feature
    … And the best part is: its totally free.

    Don’t expect fancy looks from this plugin though, its more pro regarding functions, and that’s what cout, don’t you thnik?. You’ll have better chance of finding lyrics with it than any other lyrics plugin that I’ve ever tried.

    Download that amazing plugin from here
    EvilLyrics forum is here


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