site5: where web hosting is like no other!

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I’ve been using several web hosts in the past 10 years, but never found anything so good like site5
There are a few good things in life to appreciate. site5 hosting is one of those amazing things to enjoy.
This host is like no other!
Their email support is super fast, usually within 20 min.
Their support staff are experts, not PR guys.
They offer you amazing deals, and they always improve their servies, with prices hard to imagine.
Personally, I find it difficult to imagine how do they make profits of those extremely low prices!
Site5 is not another bluffer host, now in the hundreds all around the web. We are talking here big players. If you visit a place like WHT (webhostingtalk forum) where the pros discuss and compare web hosts, you’ll find everyone singing in praise of site5, as one of, if not the, best web hosting service in the world.

Their basic plan gives you 5gb disk space, and 100gb monthly bandwidth, all for under $5.50 a month! This includes unlimited domain pointers, which means you can host all your web sites under one single account! (provided they don’t use more bandwidth than 100gb a month of course)

You can also switch anytime to the better value “Superhosting™
XTREME” plan, which gives you massive 11gb/400gb! for just $7.77 a month.

The only drawback is that you have to pay 2 years in advance to enjoy those low prices. But its no problem, because site5 is guaranteed to give you top notch hosting all the time. I’m sure, once you start using them, they’ll be the last hosting company you ever move to!

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  1. Nowadays the most effective way to maintain clients would be to work with your consumers.
    Depending on what bandwidth range people are using, the charges would be defined accordingly.
    A huge role is put down on the webmaster because they are the ones that decide what sort of content will
    be uploaded onto their website and what don’t.

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