Free Arabic Quran Skype lessons

Greetings everyone!

I’m offering free Skype lessons to anyone interested in learning the Arabic language. Focus will be on the Quran. These lessons are suitable both for new Muslim converts who need to memorize some Quran to recite in their prayers, and also for non Muslims interested in learning the Arabic language or/and Islam.

My lessons are free of charge. I use a whiteboard (free download) to show my students each letter, dot and vowel, and to underline and point to each word being said, teach you how to write each letter, etc. You will b able to write in the whiteboard too, while I guide your writing and correct you bit by bit. No hardware required. Whiteboard is a free tool that works with Skype, allowing us to have a perfect distant learning environment. Its just like the real thing, as if me and you are in the same room.

For details please check out this post:


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