Free Arabic Tutor over Skype and Whiteboard

Greetings everyone!

Are you interested in learning Arabic and the Quran in its original text? Here is an invitation for you.
I’m offering free group lessons using Skype and Whiteboard. My lessons would benefit new Muslim converts who need to memorize some Quran for their prayers, but non-Muslims are also welcomed to attend my lessons, at least to learn some Arabic!

In those lessons, students will learn:

  • Arabic alphabet and pronunciation basics
  • Basic Quran reciting with tajweed
  • English meaning of Arabic words of the Quran


Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP
.NET 3.0 for Windows XP
IDroo Whiteboard
PC + headphones, laptop, or tablet
Color-coded tajweed Arabic Mushaf (provided online by teacher, displayed in whiteboard)
No camera is necessary
No Quran reciting skills are necessary
No knowledge of Arabic is necessary

In my lessons, I’m using Skype and IDroo White board. Those 2 tools together make a perfect environment for distant e-learning, as if the teacher and students are all in the same room.

For reservation requests and updated lesson schedules, please go here:

You first need to create a new account in that forum, and make your first introduction post, then go to the above link to post your request. You would also be able then to contact me for lesson times appropriate for you.

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