Ikobo Review

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Update > Important:

Ikobo closed its service. Do not subscribe with them. This post if left here only for archival purposes.

If you are looking for an easy way to accept payments online, I recommend Ikobo. Unlike other merchant accounts, there is no charges to get an iKobo merchant account. Setup is free, and no hidden charges. Their discount rate is very low: 2.99% + $0.29 cents for each purchase. For example, if someone paid you $10, you get $9.41
They have unique features over paypal:

Instant money withdrawal
there is no need for checks. Instead, they mail you a free visa card, where you can cash your earnings from any ATM machine, anywhere in the world, in your local currency. Once someone pays you online, your account gets instantly funded with the new payment, so there is zero waiting for your earnings.

World-wide coverage
While paypal covers only 45 countries to date, iKobo covers virtually the whole world (over 170 countries) which takes your business to a new level, and opens new markets for your services, enabling you to open new frontiers, and sell services or merchandise to virtually anyone with an Internet connection.

Ikobo is growing rapidly, and they continue to improve their services all the time. They are currently allowing payments only by Visa cards, but they said Mastercard will be added soon. Recurring payment is also yet to be added, but they told me they are currently working on it and will soon be available. Their merchant tools are superb and very easy to use.
You get notified by email every time you receive a payment, with the amount, buyer’s name and email address, together with a handy text comment that the buyers are offered to type at the end of their payment process.

Signing up for your free merchant account takes minutes, and gets approved instantly, no papers to fax or documents to sign.

If you need a merchant account for your website or online business, click here to get a free account

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  8. ikobo website is down for full day today.!! that’s quite bothersome. I have sent some money to friend in another country and they sent the card on time. However, all the instructions are in English.! That’s so terrible. I am struggling to help, but cannot do so because ikobo.com is down for quite a time now.(*&^&^

    Otherwise, the service is good so far. Wish they had mind to send instructions in local language as well.

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