Local Installer for Firefox extensions

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It happens alot, having to re-install your firefox extensions. In some cases, your extensions suddenly disappear. To re-install them, you need to have a record of their names, and the locations from which you got them before. But now, thanks to this smart little extension, called ‘Local Install’, you no more have to worry the next time you loose your extensions.

Basically, what that extension does, is that it saves a copy of each extension you install, in a local folder that you specify in its options window. Now, any time you have to re-install all extensions, use that local folder. Thats why you need to install the ‘local install’ extension first, so that it catches everything you install later on.
Before installing any extensions, don’t forget to open that extension’s options, to locate the folder in which you wish your extensions to get saved into, and also you must click at the ‘automatically save installed extensions and themes’ option. I think it would have been better if the developer made that option ticked as default.

The extension also adds some useful features, like a direct link to your profile folder, saving themes locally, and other additions.

Get the MR Tech Local Install from here

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