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[iframe tgn.tv 604 500]

  • Insert any website into yours!



  • Just paste the raw YouTube URL on its own line to see the video! (Remove the first “http://” so “http://www.yout…” is on its own line – had to do this otherwise wordpress.org shows the video!)
  • Use the shortcode for setting width, height and autoplay: [youtube WDLgEyJ3SlE 604 364 autoplay=1 ]
  • Supports all YouTube options at http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/player_parameters.html

PDF (without Flash!)

[pdf tgnbooks.com/the-great-gatsby.pdf 604 700]

PowerPoint (without Flash!)

[powerpoint tgnbooks.com/best-caricatures.ppt 604 700]

Google spreadsheet

[spreadsheet 0AtFXq8XyejTEdGNEZm1NZUJ3V3QwXzIwZnQ1ckh0MlE 604 300]

  • Show any sheet: [spreadsheet 0AtFXq8XyejTEdGNEZm1NZUJ3V3QwXzIwZnQ1ckh0MlE 604 300 sheet=2]
  • NOTE: You must “Publish” the spreadsheet in Google Docs by clicking “Share > Publish as a web page” to see it in WordPress!

Google document

[document 1t0C9HghMO4ttIKbUYxVC2sn5nXi9hXldVS1okjWzTP4 604 300]


[vimeo http:// vimeo.com/2481023 ]

  • Remove the space between “http://” and “vimeo.com” (Purposely added to prevent rendering the video on wordpress.org!)


[metacafe http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1203580 ]


[dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xg7km9 ]


[videoreadr Uz7fOLDr2JM nmrdsxtb 604 370]


[tiff tgnbooks.com/electronic-circuit.tif 604 840]


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