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I keep noticing it. More people on th web are typing ‘to’ when they wanted to type ‘too’. This typo is growing so much that I sometime think like, perhaps the English language changed, and I’m the last one to realize it. Did it?

We all know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’. If we are all going to use just one ‘o’ in both words, then how can we differentiate between them in any written text?


a. In a direction toward so as to reach: went to the city.
b. Towards: turned to me.
a. Reaching as far as: The ocean water was clear all the way to the bottom.
b. To the extent or degree of: loved him to distraction.
c. With the resultant condition of: nursed her back to health.
3. Toward a given state: helping minority women to economic equality.
4. In contact with; against: their faces pressed to the windows.
5. In front of: stood face to face.
6. Used to indicate appropriation or possession: looked for the top to the jar.
7. Concerning; regarding: waiting for an answer to my letter.
8. In a particular relationship with: The brook runs parallel to the road.
9. As an accompaniment or a complement of: danced to the tune.
10. Composing; constituting: two cups to a pint.
11. In accord with: job responsibilities suited to her abilities.
12. As compared with: a book superior to his others.
a. Before: The time is ten to five.
b. Up till; until: worked from nine to five.
a. For the purpose of: went out to lunch.
b. In honor of: a toast to the queen.
a. Used before a verb to indicate the infinitive: I’d like to go.
b. Used alone when the infinitive is understood: Go if you want to.
a. Used to indicate the relationship of a verb with its complement: refer to a dictionary; refer me to a dictionary.
b. Used with a reflexive pronoun to indicate exclusivity or separateness: had the plane to ourselves.
1. In one direction; toward a person or thing: owls with feathers wrong end to.
2. Into a shut or closed position: pushed the door to.
3. Into a state of consciousness: The patient came to.
4. Into a state of action or attentiveness: sat down for lunch and fell to.
5. Nautical Into the wind.


1. In addition; also: He’s coming along too.
2. More than enough; excessively: She worries too much.
3. To a regrettable degree: My error was all too apparent.
4. Very; extremely; immensely: He’s only too willing to be of service.
5. Informal Indeed; so: You will too do it!

I do hope to see people a bit less careless when they write. Otherwise, we’ll end up getting harder to understand each other.


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