How to easily mark all emails as read in Gmail

آخر تحديث : 13-03-2012 الساعة 01:16 ص

When I tried using Gmail notifier, each time I start the computer, it notifies me of emails sent to me a year or more ago! I was wondering why it does that, until I realized that I have thousands of old unread emails in Google. So I had to find a quick way to mark all emails as read, so that new emails stand out and I get notified of only new emails. The easiest way is to create a filter for this (then delete it once it does its job).
Here is how:
  • Click at Settings, from the wheel icon at top right side.
  • Click Filters, then “Create new Filter”.
  • In the “Don’t have” field, type something that is not likely to be in any email, for example type: 999999999
  • Tick in front of “Mark as read”
  • Tick in front of “also apply filter to n matching conversions” where n is the number of emails you have.
  • Click at: Create filter
Once all your current mail is marked read (you’ll know when the inbox word has no number in brackets next to it, go ahead and delete the filter, otherwise, future incoming mail will all be marked as read.

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