adsense logger

I just discovered adsenselogger, a free open source server-side logger tool. It works great, and has the same features you’d get from a paid tracker software I guess.

I just installed it. It gives you detailed info:
– IP addess of who clicked
– url of ads clicked at
– time of each click
– page url where click was made
– page url of referrer, including search queries
– ad types, dimensions, and even colors
– stats of best 10, 100 or all of each of the above!

I find it very useful. Its amazing that its totally free! and open source.
Its useful because you can use it as an alarm in the event of an invalid clicks attack. It helps you see if any particular ad was clicked at an abnormal number of times, or if an IP is clicking all around, in which case you report it to google beforehand, as they advised me to do in such cases.

You can also use it in many other ways. You’ll see which of your site pages are doing better, which search queries are sending people to your site, which ads get clicked at, and perhaps filter out those that dont earn you, to make way for those that does. If you’re using different ad types and differenr color schemes, it will then help you identify which ad type earns you more, and which color scheme, etc.
It makes you decide much more easily how to optimize your site and ads for better earnings.

Get it from Here


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