Google Talk.. the ultimate IM is here!

Google Talk logo

Finally, google made it. Google talk is the new instant messenger that will take the world by surprise. Now, gmail users have nothing to envy MSN or Yahoo users for.

They say talk is cheap. Google thinks it should be free. Google Talk enables you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free–anytime, anywhere in the world. Google Talk offers you:

* Choice: Get in touch how and when you want to–over email, IM or a call

* Quality: Talk through your computer but hear your friends as if they were in the same room

* Convenience: Your Gmail contacts are pre-loaded into Google Talk so inviting or talking to your friends is just a click away

Sized at 900kb only, I’ve downloaded it in seconds.
As expected, from first looks, the IM looks so simple, yet amazingly powerful. To add any contact, you just type their name or email address in a little search box. From the first character, an auto-complete pops down, showing all your gmail contacts that start with the letters you typed so far. The IM recognizes who’s already a member and who’s not, upon which it suggests that you invite them to download and use the new IM.

I think the addition of the IM to gmail will soon make it the best email service ever. Now, you dont have to keep 2 accounts, one in gmail and one in MSN. Google will soon be your one-stop all-in-one we service.

Download your free copy now, from here:

And now let’s see how you like it. Your comments are welcomed.

btw, if you happen to be a non-gmail users yet, and needed an invitaion, ask for it here. As a thank you gesture for visiting my blog, I’d be glad to send you a free invite, for both gmail and the new IM.
(you need to have a gmail account to use the new google talk IM, and once you do, you can yourself send invites to all your friends!)

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