AdSense team started their own blog

عندى ليك مفاجأة النهاردة اضغط هنا عشان تشوفها (مفاجأة جديدة كل يوم)


The AdSense team just launched their very own blog.

اضغط هنا

You can look forward to posts around 2-3 times a week from an assortment of Googlers involved in the operation of AdSense – engineers, product managers, product marketing managers, and operations staff. We hope you’ll visit often.

This should be very interesting for anyone who runs a website and displays adsense ads
They just started a few days, with a few topics:
Welcome to Inside AdSense!
Fewer Ads, More Money?
Put your pages on the map

Expect some interesting tips from these nice guys:
A look inside Google AdSense

لو الموضوع نال اعجابك اضغط هنا لدعم الكاتب (جزاكم الله خيراً)

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