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Most of us wish if there was a feature in Firefox browser that auto-reloads specific web pages. You can do that with this handy extension ‘ReloadEvery’

ReloadEvery extension reloads web pages every so many seconds or minutes. The function is accessible via the context menu (menu you get when you right click on a web page) or via a drop down menu on the reload button.

I use that feature to keep my adsense report page always updated. I just set it to reload every 20 minutes. This helps keeping me logged in, because otherwise I’ll have to re-login every time. It also ensures that I’m looking at the latest stats and figures.

I sent google adsense to verify whether its ok to use such extension, and I also suggested that they add the auto-refresh feature to their reports, just like they do in gmail and google news pages. Here is a quote of their response to my email:

At this time we are unable to provide the reporting features you’ve
suggested, although we greatly appreciate your feedback for ways we can
improve AdSense, as your comments provide us with the assistance we need
to optimize our program.

You are welcome to use the Firefox auto refresh extension, however please
keep in mind that we cannot provide any additional support in using this
extension with your AdSense account reports.

Of course, this feature could be a little bandwidth demanding for the websites you use it with. So try to select a reasonable timing, like every 20 or 30 min. Setting it to reload more frequently, IMHO, is not fair for the guys who pay the website’s bandwidth bills.

Install the ‘ReloadEvery’ extension from here

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  1. Although the extension mentioned is rather cool, I would also recommend another tool for keeping tabs on your adsense info: Mike Singer’s SysSense.

    It is a free application that rests in the tray and updates info every so often (per your configuration.) It has lots of nifty features. Highly recommended. Download it at

    Let’s be clear: I am not affilliated with Mike Singer or Singer’s Creations in any way. All I know is that I have used SysSense for a couple of weeks, and I really like it. I have used Weather Watcher for over a year (also from Singer) and haven’t had any trouble with it, either.


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