Gmail server error

آخر تحديث : 24-08-2005 الساعة 08:54 م

Gmail service is great, but it is gradually becoming too much of pain lately. Right now, its returning this:

Server Error

Gmail is temporarily unavailable. Cross your fingers and try again in a few minutes. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Cross our fingers??? is that what it boils down to? crossing fingers and make a wish, just to read our mail..???
Can you beleive that google would be that much careless about our mail?
This dreadful error page used to be very rare, but the frequency is growing…

Its too scarey, when you depend on such service, to find that you can not access your mail whenever you want to. You now never know if the server is up tomorrow..! Not much reliable? thats not what we expect from a company like google. Gmail service is fine, but I advise everyone to backup their mail ofline, using your favorite mail client (mozzila thunderbird, for example).


  1. Indeed it is in ‘BETA’, but when people start to rely on your service, it isn’t wise to have it down for ~15 hours. When clearly the error message states: “Check back in a few minutes”, instead, they’ve had it down for many hours. Possibly, instead of a falsified promise of ‘a few minutes’, how about displaying a legitimate error page.

  2. I’ve had the same problem with Gmail for the last 24 hours. It’s a damn kick in the teeth that Gmail doesn’t make any kind of an update available to the folks who rely on their service. At a bare minimum, they should be posting information on the mail Gmail page explaining the situation and giving an approximate time by which the service will be back up and running. Hell, do it on the main Google page if none of the Gmail pages are functional. But do something.

  3. Seems like some banning or what.
    i was unable to loging for last 20 hours, now i clean the cache and cookies and woa i get login page that i was not able to get earlier.
    so i put my user name and password and i get kicked out. same error
    server error blah blah blah. strangely i asked foe other people to check from their system and they all seems to be accesing it just fine, even just few min back. dunno what’s up with them but it surely there should be a clear message than cross your finger, i have better things to do that cross my fingers, it just that what i need to do is in the email that they not letting me access.

  4. two things….at least i am not alone, unfortunately for all of us….and it is going to be rather difficult to do my performance tonight with my fingers crossed.

    At least we have somewhere to vent if they arent going to tell us when they think we may be able to check our mail again.

    I lost a mailbox once. the company with the server folded and one day…nothing. i dont like this feeling. is web mail really worth it?

  5. I am encountering the same error message –
    “cross your fingers” — and have been since Friday, August 19, 2005 5pm. My two other gmail accounts work just fine; unfortunately, the most important gmail account is on the server that went down, and also contains the entire breadth of my PH.D. research information. I wish I had been wiser to back up locally on a computer or on a hard disk but I didn’t know this problem would last for over a day!

  6. I have tried everything on there. I am on mac. cant get in on mine or on a pc. no way no how. almost three days by now. And i was expecting imp emails from folks whosw address is only in gmail. Cant they get it together not to have this problem for so longor at least tell us something other than cross our fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey everyone!
    As the most of you I am really pissed off with google because of the last 3 days gmail awfull service!
    Since friday morning I can’t get into my gmail account and I was expecting there a lot of very important and urgent work e-mails for the weekend.
    I also know people with gmail accouns here, that are functioning normally, without any kind of trouble.
    By the way, I am from Portugal so, as you can see, this bad situation is global…
    I know it must be difficult for a business company to have so much servers that can “keep” all the millions of e-mail accounts with up to 2Gb, but please…. with their money I think this is a situation that shouldn’t happen for a company with that status….
    Does anyone know if they have any e-mail for where we can write asking them explanations and arguing about all of this?
    If you know pease answer me for my hotmail account [email protected]
    This is a very tiny e-mail acconut, with only 2Mb as you know, but they NEVER left me without their e-mail service. Hotmail ALLWAYS worked very well for me.
    Big kiss to everyone.

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