NMNF sourdough calculator

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Since dabrownman‘s no-muss-no-fuss technique is very popular among TFLers, I thought I design a spreadsheet to automatically calculate the water and flour quantities used to build the NMNF starter and levain. The spreadsheet can also calculate the final dough ingredients based on the percentages that you follow and type next to each ingredient. It can be used with any SD recipe, I guess. It has room for 5 extra ingredients, where you can optionally type their names and percentages, if you are doing more than a water-flour-salt basic recipe. All you have to do is fill a few yellow cells, then the sheet should give you the proper quantities to use in each stage, from starter to levain to final dough.

Please let me know if I forgot anything, and I’ll gladly edit the sheet.

To get the sheet please click here:

nmnf starter calculator

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