Here is how to lock / password protect your Xbox 360 slim

If you are a parent and your kids spend too much time with the Xbox 360, here is an easy way to control / limit that time

My Xbox > Family Settings > > Console Safety > On > Family Timer > select Daily or Weekly

Select “Daily” if you want to allow daily use. In that case, you can select anytime from 15 minutes up to 24 hours of playing time per day.
Or select “Weekly” if you want to limit the total playing time per week. In that case, you can select anytime from 1 hour up to 168 hours of playing time per week

If you want to lock your Xbox so that no one uses it in a given day, you can selectn “Daily” and 15 minutes, then play it for 15 minutes before switching your Xbox off

If its exam time and you want to keep them away from playing for a whole week, select “Weekly” and 1 hour. This will allow a total playing time of 1 hour during the whole week, each week, until you change that setting

All left now is to choose a password. In Console Safety, select: “Change Pass Code” – then use your gamepad to create a 4-digit password. You will also need to select a reset question, to use in case you ever forgot your password

Now select: Save and Exit

If you need any further help in that regard, please post your questions below

I wish you and your family enjoyable time with your Xbox 360

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