how to enlarge Google Chrome’s tiny font

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Google Chrome browser displays text in a very tiny font. They don’t offer any option yet for increasing font size of websites. But I’ve found a good solution for correcting this problem. 

If you are using Windows 7:
1- Make sure Chrome is closed, then go to:
Start > Computer > C > Users > your_username > AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default >
2- Open the “Preferences” file, using any text editor.
3- Replace the ” }” character in the last line with the following:
“webkit”: {
“webprefs”: {
“default_fixed_font_size”: 11,
“default_font_size”: 12,
“fixed_font_family”: “Bitstream Vera Sans Mono”,
“minimum_font_size”: 18,
“minimum_logical_font_siz”: 12,
“sansserif_font_family”: “Times New Roman”,
“serif_font_family”: “Arial”,
“standard_font_is_serif”: false,
“text_areas_are_resizable”: true
change the minimum font size (showing in bold above) if you wish. The default is “12” but you can increase it until you feel comfortable with the text size of sites.
save and close the file.

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