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Firefox is tomorrow’s browser available today. Its simply amazing, anyone still using IE should think again.
But it desperately needs a backup tool, because its bookmarks are known to get crazy and be gone, specially if your system was powered off accidentally. I finally found this wonderful backup extension

It’s called: Bookmark Backup
But its much more powerful than the name implies. It can backup all your firefox profile settings, history, form history, download history, passwords, cookies, permissions, preferences, window layout, download file types, security atabases and user files. The best part is that it does all that automatically, everytime you close firefox. It even saves 7 daily backups a week, so that in case it backed up an already corrupted situation, you still have plenty of untouched good ones.

It doesn’t do automatic restore though. But all you have to do, to restore all those files, is just to copy them from their backup folder (defaults inside your profile folder, wherever you set that to be) and then paste them into your profile folder.

It’s so simple, yet very useful, hands-off peace-of-mind kind of tool.

get it here

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