how to make self extracted exe file using 7-zip

آخر تحديث : 17-09-2009 الساعة 07:17 ص

I’ve been looking for a way to make self extracted exe files using the free 7-zip tool for ages. Their website says it has the capability, yet there is no mention of it in their FAQ page or in their HELP file that comes with the download.
Then I finally discovered that the feature was there all the time, only they call it a wierd name: SFX archive! instead of “self extracted file”.
Anyway, here is how to create a self extracted exe file:
Right-click the file or folder that you want to compress, and select: 7-zip > Add to archive.
When the dialogue window opens, tick in front of “Create SFX archive”, then click OK.
That’s it. Now you have an exe file which anyone can extract, or decompress without having to have 7-zip installed, or any other third party software!.
Of course, to create those exe files you must have 7-zip installed in your computer. If not, get your free copy from:

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