6 نماذج امتحانات انجليزى ثانوية عامة بالاجابات

أعزائى طلبة الصف الثالث الثانوى

اليكم ملف يحتوى على 6 نماذج امتحانات من اعداد وزارة التربية والتعليم لعام 2016 – مجاب عن النماذج الثلاثة الاخيرة – وسأحاول ان اساعدكم بالاجابة هنا عن السؤال الثالث Choose والسؤال الرابع Find the mistakes والسؤال التاسع Translation لكل من النماذج الثلاثة الاولى التى لم ترفق الوزارة اجاباتها فى الملف – ويمكننا ان نتناقش فى باقى الاسئلة لمن يحتاج مساعدة فى حلها

أولا قم بتنزيل النماذج الستة مع حلول النماذج الثلاث الاخيرة بالضغط هنا

اجابة السؤال الثالث والرابع والتاسع من النموذج الاول

3) Choose the correct answer from a , b , c, or d.
(1)Too much sun can be ………. .
a) harmful b) unthinkable c) respectable d) acceptable
(2)She asked me whether ……… there before.
a) I had been b) I went c) I go d) had I been
(3)We …… on the door three times, but they didn’t hear us.
a) dipped b) called c) knocked d) hit
(4)If I ……… for too long, I get a headache.
a) will read b) read c) had read d) would read
(5)Nurses are part of the medical ……… .
a) job b) profession c) career d) work
(6)No one is sure where Omar is, but we think he …… gone to see his uncle.
a) must b) can’t have c) might have d) must have
(7)I get on well with all my …… at work, but they are not close friends.
a) people b) workers c) colleagues d) relatives
(8)The total solar eclipse …… at 2 o’clock pm yesterday.
a) occurred b) took c) came d) caused
(9)They left two hours ago, so they …… arrived by now. It is not far.
a) must b) must have c) have d) can’t have
(10) If you had arrived some ten minutes later, I ……… .
a) would leave b) leave c) will leave d) would have left
(11) People who live near a volcano leave home if it ……… .
a) arises b) erupts c) rebels d) revolts
(12) Greece and Spain are in ……… Europe.
a) southern b) northern c) eastern d) western
(13) If I …… you, I would listen to the weather forecast before deciding where to go to tomorrow.
a)was b) had been c) were d) am
(14) Norhan ……… to the party if they had invited her.
a) came b) would come c) ‘ll come d) would have come
(15) Norhan ……… last Friday after a long illness.
a) admitted b) recuperated c) detected d) investigated
(16) If the storm had reached the city, houses and shops ……… .
a) would be destroyed
b) would have been destroyed
c) will be destroyed
d) destroyed

4) Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences

  1. You can’t have been very hungry. There is no sandwich left on the table. must
  2. How in earth is it possible to irrigate the desert? on
  3. How about go fishing this afternoon? going
  4. Total eclipses are rare seen. rarely
  5. Unusual storms may make terrible damage. cause
  6. Ferries are built across rivers to protect cities from possible floods. dams

    F – Translation
    9) A) Translate into Arabic:
    The internet represents a revolution in the world of communication. It’s the
    fastest growing communication system in human history, that has turned the
    immense global into a tiny village. Thus, the internet paves the way for
    يمثل الانترنت ثورة فى عالم الاتصالات. إنه أسرع نظم الاتصالات نمواً فى تاريخ الانسانية فقد حول العالم الفسيح الى قرية صغيرة. وهكذا يمهد الانترنت الطريق للعولمة
    B) Translate into English:

)1 )تجذب األثار والمتاحف المصرية ملايين السياح من كل أنحاء العالم.
Monuments and Egyptian museums attract millions of tourists from around the world
)2 )تلعب وزارة التضامن االجتماعى دوراً هاماً فى التخفيف من أعباء الفقراء.
The Ministry Of Social Solidarity plays an important role in reliefing the burdens of the poor

اجابة السؤال الثالث والرابع والتاسع من النموذج الثانى

3) Choose the correct answer from a , b , c, or d.
(1)Norhan is very …… . She loves meeting and talking to new people.
a) well-organized b) sociable c) conscientious d) ambitious
(2)If it isn’t too hot tomorrow, I …… go out for a walk.
a) must b) might c) should d) can’t
(3)Omar is …… in Spanish. He has been living in Spain for twenty years.
a) ideal b) mature c) fluent d) bad
(4)They ……… be at the firm by seven-thirty every day.
a) have to b) should c) might d) can
(5)The patient tried to ……… the doctor to let him smoke.
a) provide b) enrol c) treat d) persuade
(6)He asked me when ……… Luxor and Aswan.
a) have I visited b) I had visited c) did I visit d) would
(7)The company next to my house has 1500 ……… .
a) employers b) employees c) applicants d) merchants
(8)I expect Brazil ……… win the World Cup this month.
a) to b) for c) that d) too
(9) The ministry ……… every school with books, computers and all other educational materials.
a) gives b) borrows c) provides d) lends
(10) We ………avoid bad habits.
a) need b) can’t c) needn’t d) must
(11) My neighbour is a teacher in the language …… at El Nasr experimental school.
a) department b) district c) section d) province
(12) Hazem’s doctor advised ……… to give up smoking to be fit for work.
a)he b) himself c) his d) him
(13) Don’t be so ……! You have eaten the cake up.
a) nervous b) irritable c) greedy d) grateful
(14) My cousin ……… me to have coffee with him.
a) lets b) expects c) makes d) warns
(15) If you need any drugs, there is a …… near our home.
a) carpentry b) workshop c) bakery d) pharmacy
(16) Amal’s teacher asked her ……… she had finished doing the project.
a) if b) weather c) where d) to

4) Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences

(1)Amir said he couldn’t tell him until he’s finish reading it. have told
(2)Parents often said their children not to cross the road with looking. say to .. without
(3)Ahmed supplied for the job assistant accountant. applied .. assistant accountant job
(4)Om Ali works as a civic servant at our school. civil
(5)He was forced too pay all his debts off by the police. to
(6)The village which he was born is in the south west of Mansoura. in which

9) A) Translate into Arabic:
Many people like to collect things like stamps, for example. Some stamp collections are very valuable. Usually the fewer number of people who have a stamp in their collections, the more valuable that stamp is.

يحب كثير من الناس ان يجمعوا أشياء مثل جمع طوابع البريد. بعض مجموعات الطوابع لها قيمة عالية. غالباً تزيد قيمة الطابع كلما قل من عدد من يملكونه ضمن مجموعاتهم
B) Translate into English:
)1 من حقك أن تعبر عن رأيك بحرية ولكن يجب أن تحترم اآلخرين.

You have the right to express your opinion freely, but you should also respect others’ opinions.
)2 )نفخر بأن التعليم هو المشروع القومى األول فى مصر.

We are proud that education is the prime national project in Egypt.

اجابة السؤال الثالث والرابع والتاسع من النموذج الثالث

3) Choose the correct answer from a , b , c, or d.
(1)Volcanoes, earthquakes and storms are all natural ……… .
a) phenomena b) sights c) responses d) views
(2)I could have helped you if you …… me the truth.
a) tell b) told c) have told d) had told
(3)A lot of people are not often surprised by weather …… these days.
a) foresee b) forecasts c) forefather d) forearm
(4)If Hossam Hassan had played in the team, they …… the match.
a) will win b) would win c) might have won d) won
(5)When the volcano in Iceland ……, there were great economic loses.
a) emitted b) omitted c) permitted d) erupted
(6)If Mazen …… his bike more carefully, his parents would buy him a new one.
a) rides b) rode c) had ridden d) will ride
(7)The High Dam protected our land from being ……… .
a) flowed b) drowned c) floated d) flooded
(8)If Essam turns off the heating more often, he …… more money.
a) can save b) would save c) would have saved d) save
(9)Pollution is very harmful …… plant and animal life.
a) at b) on c) with d) to
(10) If they aren’t careful with the spelling of the new words, they ……… a good mark in the next test.
a) wouldn’t get b) don’t get c) wont’ get d) wouldn’t have got
(11) Hurricanes normally …… in coastal areas.
a) take b) bring c) cause d) occur
(12) Michael might buy a new monitor if his mother …… him 100 pounds.
a) will give b) had given c) gave d) gives
(13) Unless you look at a solar eclipse through special glasses, you will … blind.
a) go b) get c) turn d) come
(14) A… is a hole in the earth from which hot water and steam can suddenly rise
a) geyser b) volcano c) well d) tank
(15) Without …… money, you can’t spend the holiday abroad.
a) saved b) have saved c) save d) saving
(16) Scientists always need to find a scientific …… to prove their theories.
a) sign b) signal c) evidence d) key

4) Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences
(1)Somalia and other Africa countries are suffering from starvation and draught
(2)The wind usually blows in a southern direction in this area.
(3)If the weather were fine today, we will go to the beach.
(4)The accident wouldn’t happen if he hadn’t been using his mobile phone.
(5)Many people would have died if scientists didn’t find ways to kill viruses.
(6)Lighting is the sound you hear during a storm and heavy rainfall.

9) A) Translate into Arabic:
Environmental change is a global problem which people need to take
seriously before it’s too late for the planet. Fortunately, there are scientists who
are using technology to help solve some of these problems. However, all people
should take part in saving our planet which is our sweet home.
B) Translate into English:

)1 )يجب أن نحاول تحقيق االكتفاء الذاتى من المحاصيل الرئيسية وخاصة القمح.
)2 )يلعب الفن الراقى دوراً هاماً فى تشكيل شخصية الصغار والكبار على السواء.

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