Contacts disappeared? Lost? Restore your Google contacts easily

You lost your contacts? they disappeared from your mobile phone?

You’re not alone. It happens a lot, specially after upgrading your phone firmware.

Even worse, you may find that your Google contacts themselves were deleted/disappeared. That’s because Google updates your contacts continuously. So if they were deleted for whatever reason from your phone, Google deletes them too from your account. But not to worry. There is an easy way to restore all your contacts in a few clicks:

1- Click here to go to your Google contacts page
2- Click “More..” then “Restore Contacts”
3- Select a time or date that you want to restore your contacts to. You can select 1 hour ago, 1 day, 1 week, or a custom date (maximum 30 days ago)
– Click “Restore”

That’s it. All your contacts will come back to how they were exactly. You can now restore them in your phone by going to:
Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync now

Its also a good idea to backup your contacts, and email them to yourself, so that they will always be there in your email account just in case anything happens.

How to backup your contacts

1- Click here to go to your Google contacts page
2- Click “More..” then “Export”
3- Select “Google CSV” if your phone is android. If its an Apple phone, select vCard
4- Click “Restore”
5- After downloading the backup file, I suggest that you email it to yourself, so that even if you lost your device or it was broken, you can access your contact backup file from any other device that has an internet connection.

If at any point in time you needed to import your contacts from that file, you can do the same steps, but select “import” instead of “export”.

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