Adsense logger tool: CSV AdStats

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If you use Google Adsense, this is the tool for you! CSV AdStats offers you quick and indepth analysis of the performance of the targeted advertising for your content pages. The best part is that it’s absolutely free! no, ads, no trial limitations, its totally freeware

CSV AdStats, what’s that?
CSV AdStats is an application that allows you to analyze the CSV formatted logfiles that are made available for Google AdSense. The tool calculates valuable statistical information like CPM, number of clicks, moving averages, accumulated by period and much more.
The extensive charting options will give you a fast and easy to understand view of daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly trends, thereby helping you maximize your AdSense earnings potential.

# Features Automatic download of the csv-file from the Google AdSense site
# Import of an already downloaded csv-file
# Statistics like 7-day, weekly, monthly and yearly trends, 7 and 30 day averages and 7 and 30 day moving averages
# Management of different criteria by means of which you can view specific statistical information
# Management of AdSense information comparable to the features provided by Google
# Interactive creation of charts based on imported and calculated data
# Export the data to CSV or HTML files
# Saving charts in BMP, JPG or PNG format
# A timer allowing you to automatically download and import the csv-file at a regular interval, which also displays a message as soon as you earnings have gone up
# Creation of a comprehensive printable report with your data (best day, week, month, year, number of views, clicks, your earnings)
# An interactive chart editor allowing you to create and compare trends

You can download this fantastic tool from:

Its a Frensh program, but there is a built-in option to change it into English, with a simple click.

One nice feature, is that if you set it to automatically get your data each, say 15 minutes, it will give you a nice popup little window to announce how much you earned, whenever it spots an increase added to your earnings.

Btw, 15 minutes is the maximum that google allows for any script logging to adsense accounts. If you go anywhere faster, you may get in troubl with google. But the tool author is aware of that, so 15 is the minimum you can set it at, for automatic updates. You have the option of: 15min, 30, 45, 1 hour or 2 hours.

No need to manually login, you just give the tool your email addy and your password, and then set back and watch the increase in your earnings announced to you every time your earnigs increase.

Unfortunately, I’ve contacted to make sure this tool does not violate any of their terms of service. They said they cannot endorse or encourage the use of any third party tools. I contacted them again, specifically about this particular tool, and they said:
we are unable to endorse or encourage the use of any third-party
tools, such as ‘CSV AdStats’ and we once again recommend that you exercise caution when using such tools.

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