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I’ve been searching for ages for any tool to block annoying websites from showing up in my Google search results, until I found a treasure among Firefox extensions. Its called: “surfclarity” and its a tiny 11kb download, yet it does wonders. At last I can block those mean websites, mainly: (which is known to “Hijack google search by keylogging your search words. Its a dangerous software hijacker, keylogger, and spyware.”). This horrible website keeps coming in most search results whenever you search for a software and whatsnot. You click it and you are surrounded with zillions of nonesense ads of all sorts and colors. Its a trashy website. I’m really really surprised that Google always show this domain in the first results at top of searches. They should ban this domain completely from the world wide web, for taking advantage of us all and wasting our time with their crap. But anyway, from now on, we don’t have to surrender to google’s policies anymore. surfclarity enables us to enforce our own policies. We can now filter out any annoying domain from all google and yahoo searches. Its an amazing extension, everyone should use it. Its here

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