English Level 1

كورس اللغة الانجليزية للمبتدئين “Beginner English Course” كورس ممتاز سيجعلك تتحدث الانجليزية بلكنة أمريكية أصلية بسهولة وفى وقت قصير
اضغط على اسم الدرس لتنتقل الى صفحته – حيث ستجدد مشغل صوتى وتحته ستجد نص الموضوع – اضغط على زر تشغيل الصوت وعيناك فى نفس الوقت على كلمات الموضوع اثناء الاستماع للمتحدثين الامريكيين – أوقف تشغيل الصوت بعد كل جملة ثم كررها بنفسك – أعد الاستماع ثم التكرار أكثر من مرة حتى تصبح قادراً على نطق الجملة كما تسمعها وبنفس اللكنة الامريكية – قبل ان تنتقل الى الجملة التالية – وهكذا الى نهاية الدرس :

1. Morning
2. First Day of School
3. Water on the Floor
4. Babysitting
5. A Doctor
6. Twins
7. Reading
8. Ruined by the Rain
9. Banana Nut Muffin
10. The Park
11. A New Vision
12. Fruit Shop
13. Special Cereal
14. A New Shirt
15. Picking a Color for the House
16. The Beach is Fun
17. A Beautiful Garden
18. She Shoots, She Scores
19. Celebrating the Win
20. The Race
21. Substitute Teacher
22. Sticker Collection
23. Getting Ready for the Road Trip
24. Calling Her Brother
25. Biking with Grandma

26. The Newspaper is Interesting
27. The New Neighbors
28. A Scary Movie
29. Stage Fright
30. Lost and Found
31. Asking for a Favor
32. What Do They Do on a Friday Night?
33. Food Samples
34. The Dog Howls
35. Things to do as a Secretary
36. Things to do as a Maid
37. The Police
38. The Hair Stylist
39. Losing Her Cell Phone
40. Squirrels at the Park
41. Awake at Night
42. Gifts for Students
43. Job Interview
44. More Money
45. The Lunch Lady and the Bully
46. Grand Opening
47. Crumb on the Floor
48. Fireworks
49. A Book Lover
50. Dressed for the Rain

51. Milk Gone Bad
52. Clothes on Sale
53. The Lifeguard
54. Bad Partners
55. Knitting is Fun
56. She Loves Her Phone
57. Winter Break
58. Making a Smoothie
59. Practice Makes Perfect
60. A Stuffed Bear
61. Lockers Are Awesome
62. A Bad Skunk Smell
63. Bumping Into an Old Friend
64. Happy People, Sad People
65. T.V. and Turtles
66. She’s Good at a Lot of Things
67. A Motorcycle on the Road
68. The Medal
69. Dental Care
70. A Ketchup Lover
71. Peanut Butter Sandwich
72. What Is in a Magazine?
73. Clouds in the Sky
74. Leaves Falling
75. Eating at a Restaurant

76. Working at the Grocery Store
77. A Fancy Outfit
78. Fighting the Cold Weather
79. A Lizard from the Backyard
80. The Apple Tree
81. A View from the 100th Floor
82. Pie-Eating Contest
83. A Lot of Jackets
84. Many Shoes
85. Free Throws
86. Passing the Ball
87. Tennis for Two
88. A Waitress at Duty
89. Clowns are Cool
90. A Boat Ride
91. Reading Questions
92. Over the Bush
93. Scared of the Dark
94. Snow Globe
95. Traffic Lights
96. The Beach is Fun
97. Wait for the Pie to Cool
98. A Haircut
99. Going to a Concert
100. Different T.V. Shows
101. Saving Money
102. Vending Machine
103. Buying an Apple
104. Thanksgiving

كورس “Beginner English Course” مناسب للمبتدئين ويتكون من 6 مستويات – اضغط على المستوى الذى تريد الانتقال اليه :

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