the cheapest alternative for inkjet printer cartridges

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Makers of printers charge you crazy prices to replace your ink cartridge. They now sell their printers very cheap, only to find out that buying a cartridge replacement, in many cases costs you more than the price you paid for the printer itself!

I always bought refill kits for my printer cartridge. They are way cheaper. But recently I found out that there is even a more cheaper alternative: bulk ink
The price of one refill from a kit costs you about 1/10 the price of a new cartridge. But once the ink that came with your refill kit runs out, you don’t have to buy another kit. Instead, buy a bottle of ink (they call it “bulk inkjet ink”), and use the same kit to refill your printer cartridge. Bulk inkjet ink bottles comes in different sizes. I bought a 250ml bottle for the same price of buying a 40ml refill kit. That is more than 6 times cheaper than refill kits, which makes it 60 times cheaper than a new cartridge (that’s right: 60 times cheaper!).

Now, companies like HP, Canon and Epson are not filling their ink cartridges with liquid gold, are they? They are definitely using ink. This shows us how those companies are ripping us brutally. But you don’t have to give in to their fancy words and features. If you just want to make the job done, and if most of what you need is black text, then go for ink bottles. I don’t give much weight to those who warn you that using refills might harm your printer. I didn’t see any damage happenning to my printer, which I bought 8 years ago, and is still producing excellent text prints. But even if refilling made it live any shorter, that’s a no biggie.. I can buy a brand new printer for a price close to, or equals that of one new cartridge!

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