Google Chrome review

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Google Chrome is the newest browser in the web scene. Its fast, probably the fastest browser, at least faster than Safari, Opera, Firefox and of course IE. But does that mean you should dumb your browser and replace it with Google Chrome? not yet. My advise is to keep using your current browser. You can download Google Chrome and try it, but don’t make it your default browser. Here is why..

First it’s still in beta, so it lacks many features that FF users are used to..

  • There are no extensions or skins yet for Chrome. FF already has thousands of free extensions and add-ons under the disposal of its users. And when Chrome matures in the future, it is not imaginable for Google to release an extension such as ‘Adblock Plus’ which gives the user the choice to block all kind of ads, even Google text and image ads. Google profits mainly from advertising.
  • Chrome forces itself in your C drive. It gives you no other choice. Many people will not like that, specially if you are using programs like ‘Deep Freeze’ or ‘Returnil’ which blocks your C drive against any changes (which in my experience proved to be a much better way to protect your computer compared to antivirus software that many trojans, spyware, adware and malware can infiltrate easily).
  • Google logs your online activity while you are using its Chrome browser. This invasion of privacy is too bad. Google records anything that you type in Chrome’s address bar while its auto-suggest feature is on, even if you din’t hit ‘Enter’!. Google has every intention of retaining some of that data even after it provides the promised suggestions. A Google representative told CNET News that the company plans to store about 2 percent of that data–and plans to store it along with the Internet Protocol address of the computer that typed it. This is very strange, because if they were recording that data to help in market reseach or general web user preferences, then why store that data along with your specific IP address of your own computer?
  • Chrome doesn’t remember your zoom settings for different websites. This is aa huge disappointment. FF does remember your zoom setting for each and every site you have visited before. In Chrome, you have to zoom again everytime you visit the same sites. And Chrome zooms in/out the text content only, while FF zooms in/out all the elements in the page: text, images, flash movies, etc. Now that’s funny, when it comes to our personal privacy, Google works hard to store each and every character we type, but something as simple and useful for us as our zoom preferences are not yet in their mind!
  • There are vary little and basic settings in Chrome. FF users are spoiled with a sea of choices and settings. FF has gives you both the standard options, and the ability to change the default configurations of almost all the browser features and behaviors.
  • Chrome is just another browser, while FF can be used in several extra purposes. With extensions, you can use it as your fully featured download manager, fully featured FTP program, media player, web radio, dictionary, wiki.. you name it. Chrome has a very long way to go before it can match FF rich world of Extensions, skins and feature add-ons.

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