here’s how to stop IE from starting all by itself to get rid of chinese popups

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Lately its been a nighmare for many people. IE starts itself in several windows, with chinese websites. New windows keep popping up out of nowhere, and your computer begins to slow down. This happens even if you were not using IE, and even if you never use IE. It happens sometimes when you are using Firefox, and sometimes without you opening any browser at all!

The web if full of discussions about this issue, but so far no one seems to find a solution. I’ve tried the following procedure, and so far it worked for me. I hope to hear from others who will try my way, to let me know if it worked for them.
(This works best if you are a Firefox user)

– start IE
– go to tools > internet options > connections
– if you are using a LAN connection, click: LAN settings
– under ‘proxy server’ tick the box in front of ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’.
– in the address box, type something like

If you are using another type of connection, like dialup, look for its proxy setting. The idea is to make IE think that you need to use a proxy to connect, whereas you are actually pointing it to a proxy that does not exist.

Now whatever causes IE to start by itself will never be able to show you any ads or websites.

If at any point you needed to use IE, simply remove the tick you made earlier, and you’re good to browse normally. Remember to tick that box again when you finish your temporary browsing. I’m presuming that you are one of the smart people who have stopped using IE, and turned to more secure, more feature rich and much faster browsers, like Firefox, Safari and now the winner of them all (in terms of speed only): Google Chrome.

PS. if you use Google Chrome or Safari, the above procedures will make them fail to connect. Firefox is the only browser that seems to work independant of Windows/IE connection settings.

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