install Google earth in a different partition

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Its usually better to install your software in a partition other than ‘C’ for several reasons, specially if you use ‘Deep Freeze’ or ‘Returnil’ to block your C drive from all changes (which is far more better than using any antivirus).

But some software are not polite enough to ask you where would you like to install them. One of those is Google earth. The choice is just not there. But here is how you can easily force them to install in a partition/drive of your choice. The following procedure will also default all programs to get installed in the drive that you prefer, instead of C:
(do the following before installing Google Earth. Or if you have it installed already, uninstall first, then follow my procedures, then re-install Google earth)

1- In your keyboard, press the Windows logo botton and ‘R’ together, to open the run command window.
2- type: regedit
3- Click ‘Ok’.
4- Browse to:
5- Double click the ‘ProgramFilesDir’ value.
6- Change the value to the directory you wish to be the default installation location for your software.

Now start Google Earth installation, and it will install in the drive/partition that you have selected in step 6. And from now on, all other programs that you will install will do so in that drive/partition, if you selected the default installation.

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