Install Windows XP instead of Vista in Toshiba laptops

عندى ليك مفاجأة النهاردة اضغط هنا عشان تشوفها (مفاجأة جديدة كل يوم)

Most laptops run much faster if powered with Windows XP instead of the heavily bloated Vista operating system.
I tried several times to install Windows XP in a Toshiba laptop powered with Vista, but failed, because XP couldn’t find any HDD! The reason is that XP CD doesn’t have drivers for SATA hard disks.

اضغط هنا

But I have finally found a very simple solution:
1. During your laptop startup, press F2 to enter in BIOS setup Utility.
2. Choose “Advanced”, and change the “SATA Controller working mode” from “AHCI” to “Compatibility”.
3. Clcik F10 to saved the change.
4. Restart and install Windows XP.

Remember: before you take away Vista, download the Toshiba XP drivers for your laptop model, from their website: here.

لو الموضوع نال اعجابك اضغط هنا لدعم الكاتب (جزاكم الله خيراً)

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