Deep Freeze alternative: Returnil

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I started using Deep Freeze about 6 years ago. Its a very useful program. You can use it instead of all virus protection programs that usually slow down your system and require constant updates. But DF has some glitches. Sometime, its tray icon mysteriously disappear. That is a BIG problem, because you will not be able to restart in thawed mode, and you will not be able to uninstall DF either. You will probably then have to reformat your system drive, This happened to me a couple of times, and it was really frustrating. Then I discovered a nice alternative: Returnil..

Returnil does exactly what Deep Freeze does, but its freeware for home users.
When I replaced DF with Returnil, and rebooted, I immediately noticed that my computer became much faster, and my programs performed much quicker. For example, in Maya (a bulky 3D program) sometimes parts of my desktop or browser show up as background in Maya, specially in the time slider and command line. With Returnil, this problem was gone.

Returnil allows you, during installation, to choose whether you want it to use your computer’s memory or the hard disk drive for its virtual system. Obviously, choosing the HDD is a better choice for those with limited ram memory, or those who need their ram for their VGA card and other important tasks. Probably that is why my system (1gb ram) is much faster now. Even boot time is much faster with Returnil than it used to be when I was using DF. DF does not allow you that memory choice during its installation.

If you are a Deep Freeze user, I invite you to try Returnil instead. I think you will be happier with it. If you are a regular user and still use antivirus software, you are missing a lot. Using Returnil is the ultimate solution, not only against viruses, but it completely protects you from trojans, spyware, malware and all that stuff that bad websites infect your system with. It also makes your system much faster because you no loger have to run antiviruses all the time, depleting your system of much of its system resources and memory.

To download the free personal edition of Returnil, go here:

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