PowerISO and Nero comparison

آخر تحديث : 17-04-2010 الساعة 12:39 ص

I’ve been using Nero burning software for years. Just recently I tried PowerISO, and I was amazed at how much better and faster it is compared to Nero. Starting from the download file, nero is 180 times bigger than powerISO!! Nero eats huge amounts of memory. Version 8 takes ages to simply start, while powerISO starts instantly. PowerISO gives you virtual CD/DVD roms so you can run images without even having to burn them. Nero doesn’t have that very useful feature. PowerISO is ideal for burning PS2 and all kind of images. Nero does that but it takes much more time and steps to achieve the same. Nero occupies around 400 times the disk space that powerISO use. Nero ($100) is 250% more expensive than PowerISO ($40). Nero imposes many wierd tools on your computer while installing. It doesn’t even allow you the choice not to install them! tools like Nero Scout eats much memory and system resources unneccessiraly. It comes with tens of unneeded tools. PowerISO doesn’t impose any of this crap on your system. Nero can handle only a handful of image formats. PowerISO handles almost all formats (24 formats). PowerISO is so simple to use. Nero 8 is complicated and takes many steps to do the simplest of tasks.

If you are looking for a CD/DVD burning tool which is simple, fast and powerful, I suggest you go for PowerISO. You can download a trial version (only 1mb download) from here.


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